Use case - Utility



With evolution of the energy landscape, a large energy provider needs to upgrade its IT legacy to handle multiple new assets (e.g. renewables, smartgrids, electric & hydrogen vehicles), increased complexity (e.g. Balancing, PPA, intraday…) and new technologies (e. g. Cloud, AI, Blockchain). In order to answer the decarbonation challenge, he must provide new solutions and energy efficiency services.

IT Evolutions

The energy provider has a strong IT legacy composed of a multitude of software solutions. He is looking for an agile platform that can seamlessly replace some outdated software, communicate with its IT tools and easily integrate its new developments. This platform should help rationalize its IT organization, be cost efficient and evolve with the company.


Our customer now benefits from a fully scalable and comprehensive SaaS platform that supports his ambitions to be a front runner in the energy transition. With the Flexinergy® platform, he reduced its IT project costs by 80%.