Next generation Energy Management Systems


We provide energy software for businesses and utility intensive organizations

Evolution Energie was founded in response to large corporations and cities' need to handle the new energy and environment challenges. We deliver the tools and services that procurement and environment departments need to manage their commodity portfolio throughout the world. We regularly update our system to match new energy requirements and regulations.

Our solutions are deployed on hundreds of sites in the world, for the most demanding businesses.


We recruit the best people with strong datascience skills and great human values

We have a team of exceptional individuals with various backgrounds. Our research engineers, computer scientists, business analysts, and salespeople are passionate about what they do. We all share a common vision of building the next generation energy management system.

Evolution Energie, headed by Erwin Guizouarn since day one, can always count on an exceptional and committed team willing to tackle new challenges and push the boundaries of the energy world.


Our values: CLEAR

All our employees are evaluated against a common set of values which help our company go forward. We challenge our organization on a day-to-day basis via a strong quality process. Our constant objective is to provide the best value to our customers. We are committed to provide energy dedicated solutions that achieve quick return on investment as well as best user experience.


Our clients are our first priority. We look from the outside-in, and think about the needs of our customers and markets at all times.


We lead by example and only accept the highest moral and ethical standards in dealing with our clients, partners, and ourselves.


We value excellence, quality, and competence.


We aspire to be a key player in energy software. We believe that innovation is the lifeblood of our company.


We are committed to your success.