Use case: New mobilities



Vehicles manufacturer, car sharing companies, cities, energy suppliers and grid operators handle new assets in the mobility business (electrical & hydrogen vehicles) with a constant increase on the demand, without any adapted energy platform. There is an interest to invent and manage new services for cities in the context of carbon footprint reduction and air quality improvement.

Pain points

The energy market is complex/fluctuating and represents a new and serious risk for the mobility players. Indeed, with the evolution of vehicles’ motorization, most of the actors of the value chain must reinvent their business model and competitivity while insuring the best customer services. This implies to handle energy factors at the origination of their activity.


With our evolutive software solution Flexinergy®, these player benefit from a user-friendly solution to manage energy contracts, check their bills and optimize energy budgets in real time. Flexinergy is interoperable with current and future standards while being used by different actors respecting the GDPR legislation. Flexinergy is ready for these evolutions (hydrogen and smart charging) as it allows for spot market energy sourcing, grid optimization and multicommodity management.