Use case - Infrastructure



An infrastructure (e.g. port, airport, city) has a small team of experts to manage its utilities with distributed energy systems, multiple usages and environmentally aware clients. Its energy and environmental managers are today accountable for utilities monitoring, cost savings, reporting while playing a key part in the decarbonation strategy.

Pain points

This multi asset structure does not have a collaborative software solution to take actions and to insure a reliable energy and environmental management (ISO 50 001, ACA, carbon neutral or negative, auto-consumption). As a result, the experts lack real time deviations alerts and predictive analytics. Therefore, they cannot fully dedicate their time to creating value and implementing the decarbonation strategy but mostly spend their resources on error prone tasks.


This customer implemented the Flexinergy® software solution on hundreds of metering points, thus automating data collection, saving resources and having a clear and accurate vision on its utilities’ usages. Supported by this comprehensive vision on its utilities, he invested in new assets, trained people and achieved its corporate environmental goals.