Use case - Decarbonation



Zero-carbon is a priority. Customers, shareholders and employees want impactful actions and clear outcomes. Corporations are tackling this challenge with innovative local and global actions. In order to onboard of the actors, a green and collaborative digital platform needs to be implemented.

Pain points

Emissions related information is scattered among multiple sources and various enterprise solutions. Consequently, a lot of manual tasks are required to collect and analyse this data, thus delaying or preventing corrective actions. Accelerating this process requires automated analytics and knowledge-sharing among multiple stakeholders with business-oriented solutions. These tools must combine financial goals with decarbonation objectives. Today, decarbonation must communicate with the company’s ERP.


Since its creation, the Flexinergy® platform helped compensating more than 2 billion tons of CO2.

Customers who have implemented Flexinergy® received the most prestigious green awards and reached their environmental targets, they are today ranked among the world’s greenest companies, thus attracting new talents and customers.