FLEXINERGY PORTFOLIO is the leading commodities management system for utilities and energy intensive companies. It allows managers to access their production and consumption sites energy volumes and costs, reporting on multiple sites and multiple commodities such as power, fuel, natural gas, etc. in real time. This will enable managers to make more informed decisions about their energy usage. Making sustainable and cost effective energy decisions is difficult in today’s global environment; with fluctuating prices, variable environmental regulations and industry requirements from country to country it is challenging and costly to obtain and analyze all of this information.

FLEXINERGY PORTFOLIO automates the data collection process which creates a centralized, user friendly platform that informs managers and aides in their operational planning. By bringing together reports on energy consumption, overspending alerts, and regulatory compliance updates, companies will be able to optimize their energy usage.


Energy Usage

FLEXINERGY PORTFOLIO allows managers to access their production and consumption sites’ energy volumes and costs, allowing reporting on multiple sites around the world and on multiple commodities such as coal, natural gas, water, etc. in real time. With this information readily available and easy to access, managers are able to have a deeper understanding of their energy usage and needs and will therefore be able to make more informed decisions concerning their energy usage. 

Contract Management and Bill Checking

Easily keep track of all of your company’s energy procurement contracts in a safe and convenient place. FLEXINERGY PORTFOLIO allows you to view all of your company’s current contracts on a secure, paper-less, platform. The software allows you to to edit your contracts and view invoices, aiding in the supplier relations process. Having access to these contracts in real time allows more efficient, transparent, and streamlined communication between you and your energy suppliers. You can also access all of these features on FLEXINERGY online so you can always keep your information up to date.

Risk Management

Like with every investment, energy procurement comes with associated risks for your company. Are you making the best investment available? Prices are dependent on multiple factors and fluctuate frequently. Procurement also depends on the type of commodity available and the quantity needed to sustain all of your industrial sites. FLEXINERGY PORTFOLIO collects market data in order to give you the tools you need for risk management. You will have current and future prices and quantities for various energy options, as well as the risks associated with them, allowing you to make the best decision for your company.

Budget Planning

Planning your company’s energy budget can be complicated. Multiple-sites, multiple-commodities, and moving prices make it difficult to calculate costs. FLEXINERGY PORTFOLIO allows your company to easily view this costs in real time, with intraday and day-head monitoring, to allow you to balance your energy needs as required based on production demands and budget constraints.

Overspending Alerts

FLEXINERGY PORTFOLIO will alert you when your company is overspending on an energy procurement source so you may find the most cost efficient option available. The program will also inform your company if you are overspending on a specific industrial site in order to better optimize your companies energy consumption and budget.

Regulatory Compliance

In today’s global economy, many companies have multiple sites in multiple countries. Keeping up to date with the various countries regulations can be difficult since each country has their own rules, tariffs, and balancing regimes. FLEXINERGY PORTFOLIO provides your company all the relevant information it needs in order to hit approved corporate targets.